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Radon Testing Prince George’s County

Radon Testing Prince George’s County MD

Radon Testing Tips for Homeowners .

Americans spend about 90% of their time indoors, breathing air that can have radioactive gas radon  in Prince George’s County Maryland.
One of the most simple steps a homeowner can take to protect family from radiactive gas is to test their home for radon gas with the help of professional NRPP certified radon measurement providers in Maryland from CE Radon Testing Services Maryland , Virginia and DC. The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that every home in the United States be tested for radon, regardless of location and foundation type.
Radon testing takes just 48 hours and must be done under closed building condition (closed windows and doors used for momentary exit/entry only).
Reduce your exposure to radon and reduces your risk of developing lung cancer. Every 7 people from 1000 develop lunge cancer in the house with about 4pCi/L radon level.

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Radon Testing Tips for Home Buyers.
Radon testing can be a great house sale contract contingency.
Not only does radon testing give buyers more certainty about their radon-related health risks, it can limit their future liability as homeowners.
When purchasing a home, be sure to ask if the home has any radon-resistant construction features and/or if the home has been tested for radon.
Keep in mind that is fairly easy to test for radon with CE radon testing service in Germantown Maryland and relatively inexpensiveand to reduce radon levels if necessary.
In a real estate transaction, the home buyers generally pay to have a radon test conducted in the house they’re purchasing.
Depending on the test results, buyers can either have the home mitigated or they can take no action and accept the health risks.
When the average indoor radon level is 4.0 pCi/L (the EPA Action Level) or greater, the sellers will generally incur the cost of installing a radon mitigation system.
If the home has a radon mitigation system in place, ask for the most recent post-mitigation radon test results. If the home has not been tested recently,
be sure to have a radon test conducted to confirm that the system is working properly.
If you are in the market, there is no reason not to buy a home with elevated levels of radon if it meets many or all of your other criteria.
All radon problems can be fixed, and typical radon reduction systems cost much the same as other home repairs.
Radon Testing Tips for Home Sellers
As a seller, you may want to consider testing your home for radon in Germantown Montgomery county Maryland before you put it on the market.
If the results are high enough that they may pose a problem to a future buyer, you could go ahead and correct the issue.
This way, there won’t be any radon-related surprises during the due diligence period that could delay the closing or cause the buyer to walk away out of fear or uncertainty.

In fact, digital radon test in could be used as a selling point for the home and ease the due diligence process.
Whether the radon levels are low naturally or due to the active mitigation system,
the buyer should feel more confident and comfortable about their potential radon exposure.

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